Presented by:

Italo Vignoli

from The Document Foundation

Italo is a founding member of The Document Foundation, a Director at the Open Source Initiative (osi), the co-chair of ODF Advocacy Open Project at OASIS, and Chairman Emeritus of Associazione LibreItalia. He co-leads LibreOffice marketing, PR and media relations, co-chairs the certification program, and is a spokesman for the project. In his professional life, he is a marketing consultant with decades of experience in high tech, and a visiting professor of marketing, public speaking and PR post-graduate courses. He has a Degree in Humanities at the University of Milan, and MBAs in Marketing, Public Relations and Journalism.


LibreOffice was announced in 2010 and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020. During these 10 years, the global community has grown from a small group of volunteers - mostly based in Europe - to a large and diverse group of free software advocates active in most countries. The presentation will discuss the challenges faced by the community during its incredible growth over the past 10 years.

2020 October 17 - 16:15
1 h
Workshop Room
Advocating, Promoting, Marketing LibreOffice