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I was first infected with the FOSS virus when I compiled an editor called Emacs in 1987. As no vaccine proved to be effective, I haven't been able to shake it off ever since. But like all good parasites aiming at world domination, FOSS isn't out to kill its hosts, so the GNU ecosystems came in handy when I used gcc and friends to develop an experimental microkernel as part of my PhD thesis (implying that I'm somewhat technical). I'm a board member of the Frankfurt Linux User Groups (FraLUG) and in charge of tech support which means anything from making the coffee to setting up streaming services for the regular FAQ sessions this LUG streams into the wide open. I am a regular speaker at German and international FOSS events including the Chemnitzer Linux Tage (CLT), where I am hosting tracks and have delivered various presentations.

This presentation gives an overview of application design and development for Kubernetes, the de facto standard for container orchestration in enterprises of all sizes.

Using a small web server code base as an example, the talk outlines the complete application lifecycle from the initial design to deployment, service-based access in addition to more advanced aspects such as scalability, resilience and high availability. The focus of this presentation is not so much on theory but rather practice using a live environment to demonstrate concepts and illustrate principles.

Overview of the talk:

  • Application code base: The guinea pig
  • Packaging: Image building and registry management
  • Deployment: Populating the cluster
  • Services: Internal and external network access
  • High availability & resilience: Planning for the worst and beyond
  • Advanced concepts: Load balancers, Ingress and more
  • Spin your own: Kubernetes on a budget
  • Discussion & Q&A

The presentation assumes a basic understanding of Docker and Kubernetes in addition to fundamental aspects of application design and programming.

2023 May 27 - 15:00
45 min
Cloud, Containers, Virtualization

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