Presented by:

Priyanka Saggu

from SUSE

Priyanka Saggu is working as a Kubernetes Integration Engineer at SUSE, with extensive contributions to various parts of the upstream Kubernetes project through SIGs such as Release, Testing, ContribEx, and CLI.

She has held leadership roles within the project, including serving as Kubernetes Release Lead Shadow for the v1.27 & v1.26 release team, Kubernetes Enhancement Lead for the v1.25 release cycle, and has been on the Release Team since v1.23.

Priyanka is also a Technical Lead shadow for the SIG - Contributor Experience (ContribEx) and plays a vital role in mentoring new contributors and promoting the achievements of existing active contributors as coordinator of the Meet Our Contributor - APAC initiative.

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Do you want to test Kubernetes end-to-end on your cloud? Also curious to know how other projects in the Kubernetes ecosystem do this? If so, you will love this Kubetest2 session.

Kubetest2 is a testing framework maintained by Kubernetes SIG Testing that allows you to test Kubernetes code changes both locally and on the cloud. It manages cluster configuration, e2e testing, log collection, and test environment disposal. Kubetest2 natively supports GCP, GKE & KinD deployers, but also enables writing custom deployers out-of-tree.

A custom Kubetest2 deployer is possible, but it needs some prior context & knowledge of Kubetest2 internals.

To that end, this talk will provide attendees with the following takeaways:

  • What is Kubetest2, overview of its architecture, and its evolution from its predecessor Kubetest
  • Benefits of using Kubetest2 as a testing tool for your project
  • Reasons to use a bespoke Kubetest2 deployer
  • And, a step-by-step demo for constructing a custom kubetest2 deployer for your own cloud provider

Slides available at

2023 May 26 - 09:30
30 min
Cloud, Containers, Virtualization

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    2023 May 26 09:30