Presented by:

Jan-Michael Brummer

from Volkswagen

Long time open source contributor. Maintainer of GNOME Web, Roger Router, ... Working for Volkswagen as a Business Partner Manager.

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For those who use Linux professionally in companies, proxy servers are a horror. Under Linux there is no central configuration of proxy servers and each major library / programming language implements its own implementation. If login data and so-called PAC proxies are added, which serve not only one but several proxy servers, it gets really complicated. This is where the library libproxy comes in and tries to solve this problem. By providing a simple and stable API it answers the question: Which way do I have to take to reach XYZ?

In this talk we will present libproxy, its current state and future development. Together we can solve the problem and bring this solution into the enterprises, so that Linux becomes even more integrated and established in the professional environment and their complex processes.

2023 May 27 - 15:45
30 min
Open Source
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    2023 May 27 15:45

    Seminarraum 2 (Up Stairs)