Presented by:

Ish Sookun

from La Sentinelle Ltd

I work for La Sentinelle Ltd as a Systems Architect. I am passionate about Linux & OSS. I've been around the openSUSE community since 2009, organizing openSUSE installfests in Mauritius and talk at local meetups/conferences. I manage openSUSE mirrors in Mauritius and South Africa. If you'd like to sponsor a mirror in Africa, let's talk,

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A quick glance at gives an idea on the disparity between the African continent and the rest of the world in terms of infrastructure to support open source. It's not just openSUSE but every other Linux distribution has just one or two, or no mirror at all in Africa.

Africa's internet speed is below the global average and that gives us a stronger reason why we need more mirrors in the continent.

In this presentation I'll explore how we built two additional openSUSE mirrors in Africa during the past year and what can be done to improve this picture, and reach out to more users in the continent.

2023 May 27 - 16:30
45 min
Open Source

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