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I am Robert Sirchia the Head of Community Evangelism at SUSE. I have been working in technology for over 17 years. Most of that time has been spend in the .NET and Microsoft space. Moved towards the cloud when .NET became a first-class citizen on them. And I have never left, from Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes. I have led several large modernization efforts. I built out my last companies cloud practice. Putting together service offerings, comprehensive training and marketing. I have worked across a few industries from real estate to financial institutions. I have also did work with both energy & chemical companies and politics.

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Many times the need arises where Kubernetes administrators need to apply rules to their cluster or clusters for that matter. And if their use case is uncommon or specific to their organization finding that right policy might be pretty much impossible. This session is designed to get a user started in writing Kubernetes policies in Rust. And to do this we are going to leverage Kubewarden.

Kubewarden is a policy engine for Kubernetes. It is a CNCF sandbox project, that uses WASM as it's policies. Firstly, we will look at what a policy is in the context of Kubernetes. Next up, we shall leverage Rust and Web Assembly to build out and write a sample policy by using Kubewarden. The audience will walk away with an appreciation for the myriad capabilities & flexibility Kubewarden offers not only for writing policies but also for the reusability of code.

2023 May 26 - 10:30
1 h
Seminarraum 1 (Up Stairs)
Cloud, Containers, Virtualization

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