Presented by:

Thomas Di Giacomo

from SUSE

I've been excited by open source since years, an openSUSE Leap happy user, joined SUSE in 2016 and am now the President of Engineering, Product and Innovation there. Also at the governing board of CNCF and the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

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Presenter: Thomas Di Giacomo

In this session we will first briefly describe how the openSUSE community and SUSE have been historically (well since Leap/Tumbleweed, not going back to the days before) collaborating together, e.g. Gnome and SUSE Linux Desktop, KDE and packagehub, then look at some of the more recent activities around MicroOS, container engines and tools, container networking such as Cilium, container management, etc. with respect to Kubic and SUSE CaaS Platform.

As this is not only about a company and a community per se but a lot more primarily about people doing things, about contributors and developers, we’ll highlight a few specific example individuals in such a collaboration context, , and then share what we think are the aspects that work and ones where we could improve for both to benefit from.

2019 May 24 - 09:30
30 min
Saal (Main Hall)