Presented by:

Luis Falcon

from GNU Health

Luis Falcón, MD, MSc, holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the California State University (USA) and in Medicine from IUCS, Buenos Aires (Argentina). He holds a Master's degree in Genomics and Medical Genetics by the University of Granada (Spain). Dr Falcon is a social, animal rights and Libre software activist. He is the founder of GNU Solidario, a nonprofit organization that delivers Health and Education with Free Software. Dr. Falcon is the author of GNU Health, the award winning Free/Libre Health and Hospital Information System. He is a guest speaker at international conferences about Free Software, eHealth and Social Medicine.

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GNU Health is the Free/Libre Health and Hospital Information System that is included in openSUSE.

GNU Health combines the socioeconomic determinants of health with state-of-the-art technology in bioinformatics and clinical genetics. It provides holistic picture of the person, from the biological and molecular basis of disease to the environmental determinants of health. In addition, it manages the internal processes of a health institution, such as financial management, billing, stock management, pharmacies or labs (LIMS)

The GNU Health Federation introduced in 3.4 series allows to build nationwide federated networks with thousands of heterogeneous nodes. The GNU Health federation is revolutionary, and will allow the community, the health practitioners, the research institutions and the ministries of health to have much better perspective and precise information on the individuals and their context.

Having the GNU Health Federation in openSUSE (available both for Tumbleweed and Leap) not only provides the development environment, but the server stability to deploy it in hospitals and large heterogeneous health networks across a country.

2019 May 24 - 15:45
45 min
Seminarraum 1

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