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Igor Raits

from Fedora Project

Sr. Software Engineer, package maintainer in Fedora, contributor to many F(L)OSS software (e.g. RPM). He wishes that distributions wouldn't derive in core parts like packaging (at least inside RPM-based family). He loves Rust, although doesn't write much in it. He is founder of Rust and Neuro SIGs in Fedora.

He is running Fedora Rawhide on all his computers and is not satisfied with its stability - it doesn't break frequently enough.

When you are looking on the distribution and how they package things, they do it in so much different way. Even between RPM-based distributions, there are different macro, different package names and so on. People inside distributions tend to just write something what suit their needs and start using it.

With Rust we've taken different approach: we've designed prototype in Fedora and then before officially using it, showed to other people (openSUSE, Mageia, Debian), asked for feedback, worked with them to suit their needs and only after that went and started using it in Fedora. It didn't work out fully with Debian because the ecosystem is too different, but even there we've made agreement on the filesystem paths and basic principles.

2019 May 26 - 10:00
30 min

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    2019 May 26 10:00

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