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Front-end developer and UX designer. I moved to Germany from my home town Cordoba, Argentina in 2013 to work for SUSE. I collaborated with multiple open source projects since then: Jangouts, Spacewalk, openSUSE, Portus, and more. I created EOS around a year ago with the ideal of bringing better UX to enterprise and open source software. We all deserve better software and better experiences. I'm a proud dog parent and believe this generation has much to offer in all areas, socially and technologically, that's why I believe that keeping an open-minded is way to go.

I am a front-end developer, UX designer, currently living close to sunny Barcelona in Spain. I joined SUSE in 2017 to work on EOS and contribute with my expertise in different industries. It's my first experience in the open source universe and I'm loving every minute of it!

I'm interested in design & technology, transhumanism, electronic music, entrepreneurship, the maker movement and cycling. I am blessed to work from home and spend a lot of time with my 2 kids, dog & girlfriend.

In the past UX design was a commodity in the paid consumer world, where companies like Facebook, Google, Uber would invest millions on. Today the gap is closing. Enterprise and Open Source applications are in need of better UX too.

On the other hand, many companies of all different sizes struggle with today's IT agendas: bleeding edge software, agile development, short time-to-market, etc., and this "new" (and really not so) kid on the block is not making it any easier for developers and designers to keep up: UX design. Companies struggling in this scenario will eventually suffer from a big level of inconsistency in their products portfolio, and sometimes even in one same product.

Design Systems can help solve this problem, and a few more. Design Systems serve as a centralized source of information for UX, UI, and other brand-related guidelines that help not only developers find the UI element or component they need, but also designers to build faster prototypes while streamlining the collaboration between the two.

But, building a Design System can take a very long time and be very expensive, this is why we're building EOS: an Open Source and customizable Design System. In this presentation, we will talk more about the problem Design Systems solve, how we are building EOS, and how it can be of great benefit to your company or project.

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2019 May 24 - 10:45
30 min
Saal (Main Hall)
Open Source