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Redon Skikuli

from Collective68

A hacktivist, free open knowledge/culture promoter and co-founder of Collective68. In 2012 co-founded Open Labs Hackerspace, the community promoting the idea of free open source technologies, online privacy and open data in Tirana, Albania. Also, one of the initiators of working groups for openSUSE Albania, Wikimedia Community User Group Albania and the local OpenStreetMap community. Previously a member of the organizing team of Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) and LibOCon Tirana 2018.

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Through this Lighting Talk I'd like to share some thoughts on the importance of Advocacy for the use of Linux distributions by various actors, starting with students or home users, to continue with Universities, Public Institutions and Governments. Educating the new generation to use Linux is something that should be seen of high importance.

As there is a lot of progress done today with different Linux distros being massively used, a lot of improvements made in terms of the interface, security etc more efforts can be put in Advocacy. If today, as experienced users of Free Software, we understand our potential in getting more people to use Linux and we invest a little bit of our time in advocating it, we will definitely bring new users, some of which will definitely become new contributors.

Awareness of Linux, and FOSS is spread largely by word of mouth, using grass roots movements and social media. You can teach others how to use it, run a workshop in a school, teach a student how to install Linux, show different environments and tools. Another step, which requires more efforts and planning, can be to bring Linux in the Government as well. This is something we cannot do alone, but you can try to support organizations and communities who do a lot of work in this direction. We keep hearing on migrations to various FLOSS projects by different governments, yours can be the next one, and you can be part of that great change.

2019 May 26 - 11:45
15 min
Open Source

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    2019 May 26 11:45

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