Presented by:

Ralf Lang

from B1 Systems GmbH

Ralf Lang is a software developer and consultant with B1 Systems GmbH. He mainly focuses on infrastructure integration and automation. As one of the core developers of the Open Source groupware solution Horde, he is also involved in creating Horde-based customized groupware solutions for customers.

Creating development setups can be tedious, error-prone and quite horrifying to novice contributors of Open Source projects. You would set up a virtual machine, install the required software and spend quite some time configuring it. On top of this, your setup would require maintenance and updates. A more modern approach is featured in this talk: Create a reproducible environment, have automatic updates to new package versions just by using OBS to build your Docker container image from RPMs and a kiwi XML file. No more fiddling with VMs, no more manual install and configuration marathons - just download and run your ready-to-use Docker image from OBS.

2018 May 27 - 10:00
30 min
155 (Medium)
Cloud and Containers

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    2018 May 27 10:00

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