Presented by:

Giannis Konstantinidis

from Mozilla Tech Speaker, Ex-Fedora FAmSCo Vice-Chairman

Giannis Konstantinidis is an ICT specialist with a focus on free and open-source software.

Giannis has been part of multiple free and open-source software communities including Mozilla and the Fedora Project, entrusted with several leadership responsibilities. During the last ten years, he has contributed to more than fifteen separate projects.

Giannis performs international public speaking on open-source technologies and initiatives. He is meanwhile an undergraduate student at the Dept. of Information & Communication Systems Engineering of the University of the Aegean. Within his university he helps in planning, implementing and managing student initiatives.

The current EU Copyright Reform proposal puts pressure on platforms to monitor and filter all content, including uploaded free and open-source software, for copyright infringement (Article 13), proposes a new 20-year license for news snippets (Article 11), and limits who can access datasets -- including open data (Article 3). Any of these would be terrible outcomes. Let's demand better copyright reform!

In this session, we will tackle the following questions: - What's happening with the EU Copyright Reform? - How will Articles 11, 13 + 3 affect the Internet experience in Europe? - How will the proposed reform affect the FLOSS ecosystem in Europe? The rest of the world? - Why is this happening? - What are key organizations doing about it, and what can you do about it?

Note: The EU Copyright Reform restrictions can also be applied to non-EU citizens, therefore everybody regardless of citizenship is encouraged to participate in the session.

2018 May 26 - 10:00
30 min
155 (Medium)
Open Source

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