Presented by:

Mike Place

from SaltStack

Mike Place is the Principal Maintainer of the SaltStack project -- one of the largest and most active open-source communities in the world. He's worked in and around systems management and automation for twenty-five years and frequently consults with teams with some of the largest known infrastructures in production. He's a frequent speaker at conferences around the world including keynotes at OpenWest, RootConf, and a PyCon.

Systems management in the era of containerization and hybrid clouds can challenge even the most seasoned professional. In this session, we'll learn how to control the chaos by bringing disciplined automation practices to the rescue. Presented by the principal maintainer of the SaltStack project -- one of the largest and most active open-source communities in the world -- we'll learn how to use Salt manage everything from the smallest embedded systems to some of the largest computing infrastructures in the world.

By the time this session is complete, attendees will be armed with practical information about how to deploy Salt's automation framework which can be used right away to immediately begin to order to chaotic environments. We'll spend time focusing especially on features which can be used to manage SUSE systems but we'll also cover using Salt to manage a variety of deployments including IoT, containers, and legacy infrastructure.

Presented by Mike Place, who manages the project full-time, this talk will give attendees a chance to meet the maintainer and talk directly about future plans for the project as well as ask questions about its current direction. We'll talk about where automation is working well in modern computing and where things can be improved. Finally, we'll have a chance to talk about best practices for automation and learn about how its used by some of the best and brightest teams to build and manage systems that anyone could be proud of.

2018 May 25 - 16:00
45 min
155 (Medium)
Cloud and Containers

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