Presented by:

Carlos Soriano

from Red Hat

Carlos has been involved in GNOME and free software since 2013. He spends half of his time in his main role as Nautilus maintainer and on the other half he likes to put things together on a more organisational level at GNOME. As part of that Carlos is on the board of directors, creator of the newcomers initiative and the force behind the transition and partnership with GitLab.

As probably you might know, GNOME hasn't been the most updated in technologies & processes used for the design, development, testing, QA, delivery loop. To be honest, we have been quite behind!

Build fails, not passing tests, contributors stuck with trivial details, each product with different released days, designers and QA in need to build the whole stack to try out a minimal UI change... well, we could continue indefinitely. Needless to say this was a huge impact in our performance and contributor friendliness, even more in a time where web applications are as common.

Fortunately, things has changed dramatically over the last two years, specially with Flatpak for a containerized-alike build and distribution of apps and our move to GitLab and its integrated CI, we are able to fully dive into integrating a more DevOps oriented workflow. This effort has become a dream come true for GNOME, that we would have never imagined a few years back.

In this talk I will present and explain in details how to use and integrate Flatpak and GitLab together to create the future of the DevOps experience for Linux applications development and how we use it at GNOME and what impact is making to our organization.

2018 May 26 - 13:00
30 min
155 (Medium)
Desktop and Applications

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