Presented by:

Ancor González Sosa

from YaST Team at SUSE Linux

Ancor González Sosa got hooked on Free Software while studying Computer Sciences in the University at his homeland (Canary Islands) at some point near the year 2000, becoming a GNU/Linux addict. In 2002 he discovered Ruby which quickly became his language of choice (first for Qt based applications and later for web development). Being a very active local Free Software advocate, he was recruited in 2013 by the openSUSE Team at SUSE Linux as a web developer.

Since then, as you can see in his github profile, he has been trying to break the Build Service, openQA, YaST, the Travel Support Program application, software.o.o, progress.o.o, OSEM, Jangouts and several other tools related with the openSUSE project. Since July 2014 he is a proud member of the YaST Team at SUSE.

As many openSUSE users may know, two of the most important YaST components, libstorage and yast2-storage, were recently rewritten from scratch in order to ease the maintenance and to be prepared for whatever the future brings. Now we have a solid base to adapt the current behavior without compromising the existing supported scenarios and to implement new and shiny features.

During this presentation we will explain the present and the plans for the supported installation scenarios, for the partitioning proposal (a.k.a. Guided Setup) and for our beloved Partitioner. We need help from the openSUSE community to review and refine those plans and to bring new ideas to the table. Bring your storage wish list!

2018 May 26 - 14:00
45 min
105 (Main)

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