Presented by:

Michal Hrušecký

from openSUSE

Worked for a long time in SUSE as openSUSE Booster, apart from that used to maintain MySQL and MariaDB in openSUSE. Actually got voted once as a board member. Now ordinary community guy, still touching some packages from time to time. Long time PDA enthusiast, ARM and open source fan. Working at CZ.NIC at open source ARM WiFi routers!

At CZ.NIC, we are making open source routers. Those come with automatic updates, plenty of software available in repositories, root ssh account and other nice features. What challenges does it bring? How do we cope with them? Why would you want open source router anyway? What open source project are we building on top? And what actually spinned off out of our router?

2018 May 27 - 12:45
45 min
155 (Medium)
Embedded Systems

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