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Marco Varlese is a software engineer at SUSE working on networking technologies focused on NFV. He is a committer for the ( project, author and maintainer of the GENEVE tunnel and SCTP protocol stack implementations. He is co-maintainer for the openSUSE DPDK, VPP and ODP package. Prior to his current role, Marco was a software architect at Intel where he focused on networking technologies, hardware acceleration for NFV workloads and IoT.

VPP (Vector Packet Processing) is the opensource software aiming to very fast data-processing and its part of the umbrella project known as This talk describes how to design and integrate a new L4 protocol in the existing VPP (Vector Packet Processing) framework. We will use as an example the novel SCTP implementation which has been developed (and now maintained) by the SUSE employee Marco Varlese. We will go through the concept of the transport-layer and how the upper-layers (session and application) in VPP interact with the transport-layer in order to fully establish an SCTP connection, how to send and receive data and eventually terminate a connection. We will also showcase the new SCTP implementation and the diverse levels of debugging offered.

2018 May 25 - 14:00
45 min
107 (Small)
Open Source

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