Presented by:

Panos Georgiadis

from SUSE Linux

Panos is an automation, network and Linux engineer from Greece. Currently, he lives in Nuremberg where he's employed as Specialist QA Engineer by SUSE for testing maintenance updates related to Kubernetes, Docker, Saltstack and Cloud-Foundry. He's working on test definition and test designing, executing and reviewing test-cases and test environments (openQA, Jenkins), while implementing automation (CI/CD) where's possible. As a member of Call-Duty team, he's testing patches against critical security vulnerabilities and 0-day exploits upon request.

Panos started as a hardware hacker -- overclocking enthusiast, and since then he tried a lot of things (computer vision, machine learning, pentesting, lecturing, teaching) until he found his true passion of sharing knowledge to the world as a technical editor in well-known IT websites/magazines. Occasionally, he gets requests for reviewing technical books also.

He plays piano and guitar, while enjoying beer-sessions with friends afterwards. His favorite movies are LotR and StarWars!

A quick introduction to the concept of a Serverless and Function-as-a-Service followed by a live demo session based on the SUSE Container-as-a-Service-Plarform (CaaSP v2.0). The presenter will cover the following topics:

  • What is Serverless and OpenFaaS
  • Use Helm to setup OpenFaaS in SUSE CaaSP and/or test it using DockerSwarm
  • Create your own openFaaS openSUSE Docker image in DockerHub
  • Try out a couple of examples presented earlier at DockerCon17 (Copenhagen)
  • Horizontal auto-scaling on demand and monitoring with Prometheus
  • How to create your own functions

Note: For all of you who are not yet exposed to the power of containers, we will not be liable for any crazy ideas that you will be interested in applying to production after this awesome experience.

2018 May 25 - 11:00
45 min
155 (Medium)
Cloud and Containers

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