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Ana started at openSUSE as a Google Summer of Code student. She studied Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics at university and just after finishing she started working at SUSE in the OBS frontend team. She contributes to several open source projects inside and outside openSUSE.

When she is not hacking you may find her painting, cooking or learning some German.

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If there is something we like at openSUSE that is talks and beer, and this time we want to combine them. We are going to to have a session with lightning talks, short talks of 5 minutes maximum each, where there is only one rule: The speaker muss always hold a beer while giving the presentation.

Everybody can submit a proposal. Do not matter if you are already an experienced openSUSE contributor or if you are just starting. We want to hear everybody! You just need an interesting and original topic related to open source or openSUSE and you can join the fun at openSUSE conference. And if you do not drink alcohol, do not worry, we will provide alcohol free beer too.


1 - "Why you should not be afraid to just do things" by Marco Strigl 2 - "Play the game" by Gertjan Lettink (Knurpht) 3 - "It's more broken than you think" by Petr Tesarik 4 - "Mediatek's mainline kernel needs your help" by Matthias 5 - "What is Google Summer of Code?" by Matheus de Sousa Bernardo 6 - "openSUSE releases through interprative dance" by Andy Wafaa 7 - "Introduction to sketchnotes" by Christian Bruckmayer 8 - "Something with video" by Thorsten 9 - "Change all the passwords! Change all the emails!" by Santiago Zarate 10 - "History of free Mali drivers and recent leaps" by Heiko Stuebner 11 - "GNOME a Topic I know nothing about" by Simon Lees 12 - "Running an election in 5 minutes" by Christian Boltz

2018 May 26 - 17:15
1 h 15 min
105 (Main)

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