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Cornelius is a contributor to free software since 1999. He started with KDE, where he worked on PIM applications, served on the board of KDE e.V. for nine years until 2014, and did various other things. Cornelius is an openSUSE member since the beginning, where he co-authored the guiding principles, was one of the architects of the Open Build Service, and still is an active member of the community. He is also involved in other communities, such as ownCloud or Qt, and makes a point of fostering collaboration between different projects and communities. In his day job Cornelius works for SUSE as an engineering manager.

"Here is my source code, run it in the cloud for me, I don't care how", this is the mantra of the Cloud Foundry community, the leading open source Platform as a Service project. SUSE is part of the Cloud Foundry community and works upstream and downstream. We have Cloud Foundry running on openSUSE. This presentation will show what this is all about and where we are.

2017 May 26 - 15:00
15 min
Cloud & Containers

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