Presented by:

Stefan Haas

from SUSE

I am using Linux since meanwhile > 15 years and gave most of the distros out there a try. But got stick at SUSE. I was working for SUSE from 2006 till 2008 and was part of the YaST-team and especially involved in developing libzypp.

After that I was working on Grid Engine which is a grid computing cluster scheduler before I got my hands into the cloud and especially the Kubernetes world.

Kubernetes is an open source project for orchestrating containerized applications. But how to containerize your workload? How to bring your containerized application into Kubernetes?

This talk will show how we transferred our application to Kubernetes. - This includes containerizing the application (based on an openSUSE docker image) - How to expose your application services via Kubernetes. - How to create a shared file system for all Pod belonging to your application via Kubernetes.

I will show how to do that plus a demo on a running Kubernetes System provided by SUSE CaaS

2017 May 27 - 16:15
30 min
Open Source

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