Presented by:

Bruno Friedmann

from openSUSE

I'm a long-time Geeko, user since 2004 and active in openSUSE since day one. Beside being a former openSUSE Board Member, and proud openSUSE Member, I'm contributing actually to the project in packaging helping out PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Application:Geo and some others. I'm also involved in the global FLOSS environment being active supporter of KDE, PhP, mapserver, PostgreSQL, Bareos, FSFE.

I live at Charmoille located in the Nord-West Switzerland Jura, spending my time, money, minds, love with Françoise. I'm working for my own company Ioda-Net Sàrl (maintaining openSUSE server, and developing geo-mapping solutions).

I'm fascinated by open-source people, project, philosophy. And I firmly believe in if we have a future this one can only be free. You could find me on IRC as tigerfoot, and on G+ as me :-)

Let's have a free beer and discuss how to make the world a more collaborative & free place !

Whenever you are curious about how sources become an installable software in Leap without additionnal repository, or think about contributing to openSUSE project with some packaging stuff, this talk will retrace the journey of gcompris-qt package from its upstream source to the final package that will be natively available in openSUSE Leap 42.3.

I will explain in details the different steps to follow, how to do that, and some receipts against traps. At the end, you will have a good overview of what means get a package to Factory. You also will have a step by step roadmap to make your first contributions.

2017 May 28 - 12:30
30 min

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    2017 May 28 11:00

    Seminarraum 2

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    2017 May 28 12:30

    Saal (Main Hall)