Presented by:

Thorsten Kukuk

from SUSE

I'm a Destinguished Engineer at SUSE and with the company now for more than 20 years. Additional I'm the Senior Architect for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and MicroOS and leading the Future Technology Team. Previously, I was the primary Project Manager for the SLES for many years. I have a long history in open source projects.

Nearly everybody has probably run into this situation: after applying updates or other changes to the system, it no longer comes up after a reboot. Especially with a rolling release, this can happen very fast. Most of the time, this means that the system needs to be recovered with the help of a rescue system or even a backup. Wouldn't it be much better if you only needed tell grub, boot the status before the changes were made?

Btrfs has some nice features that can help with this situation: copy-on-write and subvolumes. SUSE has built a solution around these two features that enables an user to boot an older snapshot.

This talk will speak about: - Btrfs, Copy-on-Write and Subvolumes, how does this work, how does this play together? - Rollback on openSUSE - grub2 and rollback - Caveats and risks - Cleanup of snapshots

2016 June 24 - 12:00
1 h
Seminarraum 1
Technology & Development

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