Presented by:

Scott Bahling

from SUSE Software Solutions Germany
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Many projects on are building cool packages for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It's quite easy to just add the build repository and have your cool packages already maintained for openSUSE or other distros built for SLE - or is it? SLE itself has a limited set of packages as a foundation to build on top of and many times additional build and/or run time dependencies are missing, and must be provided in addition to your cool package. Given OBS flexibility, it's not too difficult to work around the missing dependencies but, it's still a hassle. Perhaps an unneeded hassle.

Last year the openSUSE Backports project was announced as a project to consolidate the SLE builds within OBS into a common project. This talk will discuss the current status of that project, and how using it as a build target instead of the standard, package-limited SLE build repositories might just make your life easier.

2016 June 24 - 14:30
30 min
Seminarraum 1
Community & Project

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