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Craig Gardner has worked with SUSE for many years and in various roles. Prior to working directly for SUSE, he played an important role in bringing the SUSE and Novell engineering teams together with common tools and processes. Formerly an engineer, Craig now serves as an engineering manager for SUSE Enterprise Storage (which uses Ceph). He has a long history with and love for the Open Build Service. Beyond SUSE, Craig teaches software engineering courses at Utah Valley University. And he loves linux since Slackware 2.0. Craig has been a valued presenter at SUSECon, openSUSE events, OpenWest, LINUXCon, and at the U.S. National School Board Administration annual conference.

(Similar to presentation given at oSC2015, but different based on evolution of the topic through different conferences.)

For Linux to continue to mature and improve through the ages, the engineers who build it, mold it, and shepherd it must be wise, caring, and skilled. The Linux Community needs new participants, insightful governance, and new owners. Yet students in primary, secondary, and even university schools do not have the exposure to opensource and Linux that suggests a sustainably velocity for the porjects that we love. Yes, The Linux Foundation convinces us that opensource is growing (and their metrics are sound), but the growth of the skilled labor that will sustain Linux is noticeably flat.

We must become teachers. We must be mentors. We must instill in young programmers the wisdom, the caring, and the skills that secure a promising future for the projects that we love.

As an instructor at university, I have the meaningful responsibility to teach students about software engineering and the ethics of technology. In this presentation I explain how I teach, aand even what I teach. My purpose is to inspire the openSUSE Community that this sort of teaching and mentoring needs to happen not only in the schools, but in all teaching opportunities, in our projects, and with our children.

2016 June 23 - 14:00
1 h
Seminarraum 1
Community & Project

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