Presented by:

Douglas DeMaio

from openSUSE

Douglas DeMaio is a manager for the openSUSE Project. He was marketing intern for Siemens Healthcare, a Sales and Marketing Manager for microdrones GmbH and has more than 15 years of Public Relations/Public Affairs experience. He has extensive experience in all aspects of news gathering for local, national and international media. He coached Senior officials for press conferences and individual interviews and developed strategic communications, including talking points, messaging, and advising on media approaches for both controversial and non-controversial issues.

No video of the event yet, sorry! Meanwhile...

This special meetup will take place during the openSUSE conference at Z-Bau.

There will be docker related talks spread throughout the conference, but we saved a little space for all of you wanting to share your experience, or give a presentation.

If you are interested in having a slot on your own, please get in touch.

The final agenda will be made available once ready.

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2016 June 26 - 13:00
3 h
Seminarraum 1
Docker Meetup

Happening at the same time:

  1. Complete Kopano OSS communication stack with openSUSE/SLES
  2. Start Time:
    2016 June 26 11:00

    Seminarraum 2

  3. openSUSE Project Meeting
  4. Start Time:
    2016 June 26 13:00


  5. Easy patch and update of Docker images
  6. Start Time:
    2016 June 26 13:30

    Seminarraum 1

  7. Portus: claim control of your Docker images
  8. Start Time:
    2016 June 26 14:00

    Seminarraum 1