openSUSE.Asia Summit 2024

The openSUSE.Asia Summit is an annual conference for users and contributors of openSUSE and FLOSS enthusiasts. The former summits received major participation from Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and India. Since the first openSUSE.Asia Summit was held in Beijing in 2014, the summits have been great opportunities for the online community to gather in person, know each other, and share knowledge and experiences about openSUSE including applications running on it. However, COVID-19 made it difficult for 3 years. One of our goals of this year’s summit is to provide a place for communication.

Please also check our announcement of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2024.

openSUSE.Asia Summit は openSUSE ユーザーと貢献者、そして FLOSS 熱狂者のための年次カンファレンスです。これまでのサミットでは、主にインドネシア、中国、台湾、日本、韓国、インドから参加者を集めてきました。

2014年に最初の openSUSE.Asia Summit が北京で開催されてから、openSUSE.Asia Summit はオンラインでつながったコミュニティが、対面で集まり、お互いを知り、openSUSE やその上で動作するアプリケーションについての知識と経験を共有する重要な機会でした。しかしながら、COVID-19 により、3年の間、これが難しい状況が続きました。今年のサミットのゴールの1つは、コミュニケーションのための場所を提供することになっています。



The summit dates

  • The summit will be held on Nov. 2 and 3
  • An excursion for speakers is expected on Nov. 4

Cross-Distro Track

We are going to co-host the Cross-Distro Track by the collaboration with Cross Distro Developers Camp (XDDC). XDDC is a wider developer community of FLOSS OS distribution including openSUSE, Debian and Ubuntu and works together to resolve common issues especially related to Japanese. This year, we are considering inviting speakers and participants from other distribution communities.

Attendee registration / 参加登録

  • To be announced later / 後日ご案内します


Warning about lodging fee

Nov. 4 is a public holiday this year. Thus, the hotel price is very high. We strongly recommend booking your hotel right away with a cancelable plan while budget hotels like Toyoko Inn are available at appropriate prices. You might be able to find good price offers from hotel reservation services including, Agoda, and Expedia. Since 2018, many B&B rooms are officially available in Japan.

Please also consider sharing a room with some attendees from your country or staying hotel away from the venue. The area between the venue and Tokyo/Haneda airport is recommended from the viewpoint of convenience.

Call for Papers

We are now accepting proposals for sessions!

You can submit proposals for Long talks and Short talks. Proposals should fit in one of the 2 tracks: Cross Distro and openSUSE. The submission period is open June 04 - August 04, 2024. You have 50 days left!

Submit your proposal now

SHIFT Inc. in Azabudai Hills

The openSUSE.Asia Summit 2024 is going to be held in SHIFT Inc., located in Azabudai Hills, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. SHIFT Inc. is a company that supports to create sellable products and services and to grow the business of its customers. It offers integrated IT solutions and consulting services, including development, testing, UI/UX, and security, with its outstanding knowledge in software quality assurance.

Minato-ku, Tokyo/Japan

Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower, 1-3-1 Azabudai
106-0041, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Where to stay in Minato-ku, Tokyo

We recommend the following accommodations for your visit.

APA Hotel Roppongi SIX

  • ⭐⭐⭐ JPY 13,075 / 1 night (❗high-demand rate)
  • 16 min by walk

Tokyo Guesthouse HIVE

  • ⭐ JPY 5,824 / 1 night
  • 35 min. by train

Toyoko Inn Tokyo Nihombashi Hamacho Meijiza Mae

  • ⭐⭐⭐ JPY 8,925 / 1 night including breakfast
  • 35 min by train

Toyoko Inn Tokyo Tameike-sanno-eki Kantei Minami

  • ⭐⭐⭐ JPY 9,550 / 1 night including breakfast
  • 20 min by train / 30 min by walk

Toyoko Inn Tokyo-eki Shin-ohashi Mae

  • ⭐⭐⭐ JPY 8,325 / 1 night including breakfast
  • 41 min by train