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I'm Benxi Yang, an open-source software enthusiasm. I try to use as many open source software as possible. I started using Linux in 2018 and have used Debian since then but I haven't tried others and no plan to try them because I don't want to be a person acting "distro hopping" behavior. I located a bug in Apper independently which made me proud of myself. By the way, I'm also an amateur radio operator who holds a license issued from both the CRAC(Chinese Radio Amateur Club) and the FCC(Federal Commission Committee). And I'm also a volunteer examiner(VE) registered at The Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group(GLAARG).

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How do I work together with the community together debugging the system-tray icon disappearance related to plasma-discover, apper and packagekit.
Edit Kicad(electronic design tool) project file with text editor.
The trouble caused by the BitLocker without following the KISS(Keep it simple, stupid) under Microsoft Windows.
Some computational thinking I used during the creation of an SDR (software-defined radio) FM transmitter.
My own thoughts of implementing the open source foundation organization structure and rules into an anime club.

2023 October 21 - 15:45
30 min
Main Track

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