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I am a member of openSUSE Japanese user group. I was openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 local committee and 2018 global committee. I introduced Portus in Japanese Open Source Conference Tokyo 2018 spring and some articles. I also introduced Kubic. I am using openSUSE in my house since openSUSE 13.1.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

I will explain my home VM solution.

If I define Virtual Machine spec to YAML and run a script, MicroOS is created on KVM and run. and services defined in YAML start.

Before shutting down the host all VM is destroyed.

This solution uses the below tools:

  • Premade MicroOS image
  • combustion
  • KVM
  • ansible
  • saltstack
  • shell script

If once run, Script automatically set up VM, services, and Kubernetes. Kubernetes is provisioned by k3s.

Storage can be attached. so I can use persistent volumes and I can always use the newest Premade MicroOS image.

I describe How to implement this solution and explain problems and how to be resolved these.

Solved problems are:

  • network settings
  • storage attachment
  • VM parallel creating
  • first confirmation when ssh login
  • ansible inventory

These are the subjects I would like to try:

  • To manage from the frontend like LibreOffice Calc or Web Page.
  • To cancel creation. this is necessary when shutting down immediately after power on the host.
  • Automatically update premade MicroOS image.
  • To rewrite by python. the bash shell script is good but a bit hard.

I know there are some solutions like this. but I want to develop this solution by myself because I can modify everything, I can know everything, and I can feel the power of orchestration.

2022 September 30 - 12:15
30 min
Main Track