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Blended learning is the use of online resources in conventional classroom-based teaching. This includes educational platforms, resources and software available under free/open license. The government policy on blended learning, allowing upto 40% of the contents to be delivered through blended learning model has opened vistas for not only edupreneurs but open source softwares and platforms as well. An interesting time is coming up for learners, faculty members, content creators and open source software developers. The open source software including operating systems and a wide variety of application software was hidden behind the aggressive marketing done by proprietary based software. With the availability of online platforms and self-funded promotional events, the open source movement is gaining momentum. There is space for everyone, be it content writers, coders, debuggers, testers, people associated with cloud services, learners, teachers and people with skills in different domains. I very much look forward to meet the community at oSAS21

2021 August 7 - 09:45
30 min
Room 1