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Open-source software, however, levels the playing ground as it represents strengths that can move innovation faster than can be accomplished with the proprietary software development model. Emerging technologies on the other hand represent transformation powers that can catalyze the economic growth of the countries that can apply them. One of the ways this economic growth can be achieved is by investing in technologies that can yield more efficiency in operations while reducing overall costs.

Specific emerging technologies where open-source concepts are being brought in were examined to reveal the positive impact of open-source software, while at the same time, specific emerging technologies that are creating disruptions that drive economic growth were investigated. It was finally concluded that open-source software represents key strengths, which combined with the disruptive powers of emerging technologies, represents tremendous potential to increase the economic growth of the country in which it is implemented.

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2021 August 8 - 09:45
30 min
Room 1