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Rahman Yusri Aftian

from BlankOn

I belong to those who step out of line education, hobbies take me to the field of IT, however I managed to bring BlankOn Linux Release 6-8, which is Code name Ombilin, Pattimura, Rote. This was my penchant for bringing me to fall into the field of IT, and struggling in their daily lives.

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The word Pegon originated from a Javanese word pégo, which means "deviate", due to the practice of writing the Javanese language with Arabic script, which was considered unconventional by Javanese people. The main difference between Jawi and Pegon is that the latter is almost always written with vocal signs. Since the Javanese language contains more aksara swara (vowel signs) than their Malay counterpart, vocal signs must be written to avoid confusion. Aside from Malay, Javanese language also use a similar writing system without vocal signs called Gundhul. Pegon (Sundanese & Javanese: أَبْجَدْ ڤَيڬَونْ, romanized: abjad Pégon, is an Arabic script used to write the Javanese, Madurese and Sundanese languages, as an alternative to the Latin script or the Javanese script.

how to use pegon in openSUSE?

2021 August 8 - 11:00
15 min
Room 1
Open Source
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    2021 August 8 11:00

    Room 2