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Data Analytics is defined as the process of analyzing raw data to find trends and answer questions and the world of IT is completely driven by the data. With data we can gather critical insight and improve business performance to grow in the market and in order to identify various hidden patterns, associations among attributes, we perform data visualization. Data visualization is the integral phase that comes under Data Analytics. Data visualization helps in identifying hidden patterns, associations, and trends between different columns of data. We create different types of charts, plots, graphs, etc. In order to understand what data is all about and how different columns are related to each other. There are various data visualization tools, and Tableau is one of them In this session, we will showcase the inner workings of the data analytics pipeline- from joining, filtering, extracting data to developing interactive dashboards for your clients. Develop 3 interactive dashboards. Connect to different data sources such as Excel, and Google Sheets. we will Be able to create in-depth analyses with bar charts, line charts, donut charts, and even geographical maps. Develop an understanding of how calculations on Tableau work Be able to understand joining data sources on Tableau and understanding types of joins Work with sets and Level of Detail Calculations. Understand how Groups and Hierarchies on Tableau Works. We will build 5 separate dashboards depicting real-world problems.

2021 August 6 - 15:00
1 h 30 min
New Technologies
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