Presented by:

Aadarsh Mani

from Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies

##Open Source is the way to go Aadarsh Mani is a strong believer of opensource development and loves to be surrounded by innovative software developers working on opensource projects. He is currently an undergrad student and is working toward solving real world problems with the help of software. He loves chit-chatting and debating about tech when not studying or working.

WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is a special interface of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system that allows to run Linux user space programs on top of the Windows kernel. In a sense similar to how a chroot or containers work on Linux. With release of WSL2, Microsoft brought a lot of changes to the bloated and a lesser VM experience that the original WSL used to provide. WSL2 is vastly improved and is much tightly integrated with windows that ever before. WSL is a great tool to know about for every developer whether or not they decide to use it as daily driver. This will be a workshop on installing and using openSUSE on Windows Subsystem for Linux. I will be taking my audience through a series of steps to install openSUSE on their windows machine and will also help them troubleshoot issues in their particular system. I also plan to provide some tips and tricks on WSL which will help developers in increasaing productivity. There will also be a short lecture and presentation on whether wsl is a good option or not for user needs. The workshop will also put little light on various virtual environments as options for users.

2021 August 6 - 10:00
1 h 30 min
Open Source

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