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This hands-on presentation gives you a short introduction to working with inkscape with focus on design for mechanical engineering. While 2D-SVG-drawings are well known to work with plotters or laser-cutters, the use with 3D-Printers is new. An extension available from is presented. This extension allows linear extrusion of 2D-objects into 3D and boolean operations amongst them - which are two techniques used in 3D-modelling also found in most other software packages. The process is implemented around openSCAD, which is controlled through a simplistic interface for an integrated workflow from drawing to 3D-print.

We will lern to install inkscape extensions, use the GUI of 'Paths to openSCAD' and create a 3D object together.

Basic knowledge of 2D-Vector tools like inkscape (or Corel or AI) is helpful. Bring your own laptop, if possible with openSCAD and inkscape pre-installed. Audience age 15 years and up.

2017 September 10 - 11:15
45 min
All Hands Area
3D Printing