Presented by:

Adrian Schröter


Adrian works since 1999 for SUSE Linux. During this time he acted as

  • KDE Desktop integration developer.
  • openSUSE project manager during the launch of the project.
  • Open Build Service project manager, delivering OBS for openSUSE, SUSE and partners.
  • A side job was to launch the official openSUSE ARM port together with others.
No video of the event yet, sorry!

You need to come with an idea what to design. You may come with some existing object you want to recreate. Or find something on thingiverse you want to create from scratch. Please note that we will focus on technical objects and not on figures like comic creatures. So come with some burr, cookie cutter, cable holder or so on. You can also come with a more complicate or larger object, but we might not finish it then at the end of the day.

We will guide you how to create the 3D Object and help you to print it in case you finish in time :)


Du solltest mit einer Idee zu einem Design kommen. Wir werden Dir helfen dieses zu verwirklichen. Das kann auch ein schon existierendes Objekt sein, was nun digital vervielfältigt werden soll. Und sei es nur der zerbrochene Fuss von einem Kühlschrank. Wir werden uns hierbei auf technische Objekte konzentrieren, also keine Fantasy Figuren.

Es darf auch gerne ein komplizierteres Objekt sein, aber dies könnte dann an diesem Tag nicht fertig werden.

2017 September 10 - 13:00
3 h
All Hands Area