Presented by:

Adrian Schröter


Adrian works since 1999 for SUSE Linux. During this time he acted as

  • KDE Desktop integration developer.
  • openSUSE project manager during the launch of the project.
  • Open Build Service project manager, delivering OBS for openSUSE, SUSE and partners.
  • A side job was to launch the official openSUSE ARM port together with others.
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OBS and openSUSE distribution come with a number of tools useful for 3D Printing.

We will cover how 3D printing works in general and going step by step backward to the models we want to design later. Will cover control programs, slicers, filament and a High level over view of 3D design tools.


Im OBS und der openSUSE Distribution gibt es verschiedene Programme für den 3D Druck.

Wir werden eine einen Überblick geben, was für einen erfolgreichen 3D Druck benötigt wird. Und dabei alle Schritte von der Drucksteuerung, über slicen bis zum Design besprechen. Und dabei verschiedene Möglichkeiten aufzeigen.

2017 September 10 - 09:45
30 min
All Hands Area
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