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Matthew McGraw is a full-time dad living in Lathrop, California. He has 3 kids, ages 16, 8, and 6. Matt has been using Linux full time for over 10 years but is new to using openSUSE as a daily driver.

His passions are open source, cooking, the ocean, and his kiddos.

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A private cloud is awesome. With Nextcloud, you can sync your data between your devices (phone, desktop, tablet, you name it), share it with other users on your server, via a public link accessible from a browser or to users on other Nextcloud servers. You can work with others in real-time, editing documents, commenting on files. You can chat or have a video call. Sync your notes. Your bookmarks, your calendars. Read and answer your mail. Handle your passwords. Plan your work. What can't you do? And all that quite simple! Nextcloud is a mere PHP app, not that hard to install and set up. I'll show you!

Bring your laptop! We install Nextcloud on your laptop (you must run Linux, I'm afraid, but in a VM is OK), or on a server.

Beginners are welcome: for them, we'll have a nice space online to play with!

But don't forget your laptop...

Here is a link to the .pdf of my slide deck from the talk:

2019 March 8 - 16:30
1 h
Ballroom F