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Craig Gardner has worked with SUSE for many years and in various roles. Prior to working directly for SUSE, he played an important role in bringing the SUSE and Novell engineering teams together with common tools and processes. Formerly an engineer, Craig now serves as an engineering manager for SUSE Enterprise Storage (which uses Ceph). He has a long history with and love for the Open Build Service. Beyond SUSE, Craig teaches software engineering courses at Utah Valley University. And he loves linux since Slackware 2.0. Craig has been a valued presenter at SUSECon, openSUSE events, OpenWest, LINUXCon, and at the U.S. National School Board Administration annual conference.

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Storage needs are growing .... faster than expected, and faster then can be accommodated by traditional storage. Non-traditional storage solutions are necessary, available, and wonderfully capable. This talk will discuss the problems of the growing shortage of storage, illuminate the hidden secrets of Software Defined Storage (SDS), and demonstrate how Ceph distributed storage is an application for today's storage challenges and prevents tomorrow's growth problems. SUSE participates significantly in the development of Ceph, both for the casual user as well as for the Enterprise.

2019 March 8 - 15:00
45 min
Ballroom F