by M. Edwin Zakaria
from openSUSE, openSUSE Indonesia

openSUSE user from Indonesia, https://en.opensuse.org/User:Medwin.
Co-admin of Indonesian openSUSE Community website (https://opensuse.id) and community repository (http://repo.opensuse.id). I'm happy that openSUSE Indonesia Community still alive and well with around 4000 facebook group register members.

As an openSUSE user since the turn of millennium I feel that now the time of openSUSE to become the top rank of Linux distribution. The rolling release distribution Tumbleweed and the state of openSUSE which is now more inline with SLE development and with the use of LTS kernel fill the needs of both of the world, the bleeding edge/early adopter type of people and the stability type need by production system. openSUSE popularity in Indonesia always below other distribution like Ubuntu, Centos and Debian. Now the situation is in the right direction, a way better than let say 5 years ago. I will tell my experience how to encourage and attract young people in Indonesia to use openSUSE, including introduce openSUSE in schools, using website and facebook to spread openSUSE, using telegram group to manage Indonesia translation team and join effort with LUG to conduct offline class and gathering.

2017 October 21 17:15
30 min
Main Room
openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017