by Koichiro Iwao
from HAW International, Inc. / The "xrdp" User's Group of Japan

A member of xrdp development team.

xrdp is an open source implementation of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol licensed under Apache License 2.0. It can provide not only graphics remoting but also provides clipboard sharing (file, text, bitmap image), audio redirection, and drive redirection. Hence, xrdp is a kind of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. I've been used xrdp for more than 8 years and contributed to xrdp development for more than 4 years. I've finally joined xrdp developer team since last year. In this talk, based on my experience, I'll explain why desktop virtualization is required in Linux Desktop field, the importance of Asian developer participating open source software development, technologies used in RDP, and introduce how xrdp is developed.

Speaker is the founder of The "xrdp" User's Group of Japan. Some CJK related bugs were fixed by the request from corporate xrdp users in Japan. I'll introduce some companies working on xrdp development and deployment in Japan.

2017 October 22 13:15
30 min
Main Room
openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017
Linux Desktop