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Let's talk about how our community works and what you can do all by yourself and what you need approval for and from whom.

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Overview of openQA

UEFI vs Legacy, BTRFS vs ext4, Laptop vs Workstation, USB stick vs DVD, KDE vs GNOME and 7000 packages on top. OpenSUSE is way too versatile for humans to test even the most common configurations. Therefore openQA was introduced and became an indispensable part of the openSUSE development and release processes. openQA is an automated test tool for operating systems. It allows to test the whole installation process of an operating system in a wide range of software and hardware configurations...

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Continuous integration in Jenkins with openSUSE

1. Introduction of CI and Jenkins.
2. Where to get Jenkins.
3. How to install Jenkins in openSUSE.
4. What can Jenkins do and what is deployment automatically.
5. Jenkins plugins.

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Where to stay in Taipei

We recommend these affordable lodging accommodations for your visit.

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K Hotel - dunnan

The single room is around NT$3700.


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