by Michal Hrušecký
from openSUSE

Worked for a long time in SUSE as openSUSE Booster, apart from that used to maintain MySQL and MariaDB in openSUSE. Now ordinary community guy, still touching some packages from time to time, openSUSE Board member and software developer at work. Long time PDA enthusiast, ARM and opensource fan.

Web development is nowadays done in modern cool and hyped languages like RoR or Node.js. But what if you are old school programmer who doesn't need to be trendy? What if you don't try every new language out there but stick to the classics you are good at? Yes, you can do that and do web applications at the same time with ease. There is C++ web development framework that you can use to develop a web! And it's way cooler than RoR. All your application can fit in one shared library loaded by server. But be aware, with great power comes great responsibility - it's easy to crash the application by not using your memory correctly ;-)

2015 May 4 13:30
30 min
Main hall
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security