Bellingham, Washington, USA
Most openSUSE communication happens online with e-mail, IRC and forums. Our events offer opportunities for real-time, in person communication. The openSUSE mini-summit at LinuxFest Northwest (LFNW) is a way to be in contact with other people from openSUSE and FOSS to discuss, collaborate, plan, hack, learn, teach, share new ideas, gather groups with similar interests. Meet people you only know from IRC or e-mail; they are so much more than that.

LFNW is a celebration of the Free and Open spirit. The openSUSE mini-summit extends and focuses that celebration. We encourage you to come to LFNW and participate in the openSUSE activities.


oSmS has the most awesome program ever! See rock-star speakers cover the topics of


Share your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Birds of a Feather

Share interests and get stuff done.


Working on something? Want some help?

The Gathering

Meet the people you work with on-line. Discover other Geeko owners.

Future mini-summits

Ideas and planning for openSUSE mini-summits or regional gatherings

Don't miss out!

Where to stay in Bellingham, Washington

We recommend these affordable lodging accommodations for your visit.

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La Quinta

same La Quinta as anywhere else. Near shopping, coffee, airport. Catch the #3 bus to LFNW and the openSUSE mini-summit.

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Oxford Suites

One of the newer Bellingham hotels. Quiet but close to shops, shopping center, restaurants. Car or other transportation advised.

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Holiday Inn - Airport

Newish hotel. Across a parking lot from the Bellingham Airport terminal. City bus #3 within walking distance.