by Richard Brown

Richard is from England but currently lives in Nuremberg in Germany, and is employed as openSUSE Chairman and as a Linux Distribution Engineer in the Future Technology Team at SUSE.
Involved in openSUSE/SUSE since 2003, Richard has contributed to various aspects of the project, including supporting users on IRC, testing/bug reporting, packaging, marketing, ambassadors and artwork.
In addition to being Chairman, Richard is still involved as a maintainer of GNOME and the openSUSE branding packages, and working on openQA

openSUSE has a wonderful platform with OBS, and tools like software.opensuse.org and 1-Click installs make it very easy for users to get additional software on their machines.

This talk will discuss how this is quite often a very bad thing, leading to problems for users as well as extra work for maintainers in both the short and long term.
It will discuss the benefits of putting software packages in both of openSUSE's distributions (Leap & Tumbleweed) and propose concrete steps which users and responsible package maintainers can take to ensure everything is put together and working as smoothly as possible.

Finally, the session will accept the reality that putting absolutely everything in a distribution is infeasible and discuss possible criteria and guidelines for sensibly defined, maintainable additional repositories that avoid the issues raised earlier in the session.

2016 June 25 11:00
1 h
openSUSE Conference 2016