by Lasse Schuirmann
from coala (coala-analyzer.org)

Lasse Schuirmann is a freelance software developer who cares passionately about open source, collaboratively developed software. After he was awarded the Google Summer of Code sholarship, he began mentoring several students while administering the GSoC program for the GNOME organization. Currently he spends most of his time maintaining and developing his open source project coala to help developers improving their code quality without hassle. The coala project group has over 70 contributors and is present at conferences all around the world.

In his spare time, Lasse forges high quality (mostly python) software and conducts workshops for clients of his company Viper Development (viperdev.io), pursues a master degree in Computer Science and develops GitMate (gitmate.io), a hand crafted piece of software that supports developers during their whole workflow.

This workshop covers a practical introduction on how to contribute to an open source project. You will learn about basic git usage (commit, push, rebase), code review and continuous integration. During the workshop you will do a real contribution to an open source project (coala, coala-analyzer.org) and interact with the community. Your knowledge will help you enter our and other open source communities easily. Please bring the following things with you: - A laptop with Git installed and WLAN already configured. - A power cable if you need one. Note: Because coala uses a large CI stack and strict time limit of the workshop, we will not be able to merge your contributions during the workshop. We will get your contributions into an acceptable shape and it will be merged later during the day.

2016 June 22 14:30
3 h
Seminarraum 2
openSUSE Conference 2016
Technology & Development