by Christian Bruckmayer
from SUSE DevOps Team

Christian Bruckmayer is member of the SUSE DevOps team. He started his Free Software career as Google Summer of Code student and is now involved in hacking the Rails frontend of the Open Build Service and SUSE Studio.

If he's not hacking Ruby he's out doing what young people do: traveling the world, hanging out in clubs or visiting Mom & Dad.

You all know the amazing SUSE Studio and how to build your custom openSUSE linux with it. Luckily, it abstracts all the complicated technologies behind image building from us. It looks like magic! But actual it is not magic. Powerful tools like openSUSE KIWI and the Open Build Service running behind SUSE Studio.

In this workshop, Professor Aronnax and Captain Nemo will dive with us underneath SUSE Studio to find out how it works inside. On our adventure we will discover how openSUSE KIWI works and how you can use advanced possibilities to customize your image. If you want to bring your Studio skills you should attend this workshop!

2016 June 23 16:30
1 h 30 min
Seminarraum 2
openSUSE Conference 2016
Technology & Development