by Emiel Brok
from SUSE, Linux User Group, openSUSE, Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

Since more than 10 years I am promoter Linux and (F)OSS. I am not a techie, my expertise lays in partner-management, marketing and sales. I started my OSS career at a Linux specialized training company in The Netherlands. During that period I co-founded LPI Netherlands. Currently as Manager Training at SUSE I am responsible for bringing SUSE training to the market in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). In other words if a IT-pro is looking for quality SUSE training he or she should easily find it at a fair price. Bringing SUSE/Linux/FOSS to the IT curriculum of public schools has always been my mission. It is a long term investment but it will influence the future heavily!

This talk is about how to get Linux and OSS into the schools, more precisely about getting it into the ICT curriculum at public IT-schools. As Manager Training at SUSE I am responsible for bringing SUSE Training to the market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For now we focus on commercial training institutes, but if we want to create real brand awareness among the future generation of Sys Admins we need to make sure that as many IT-students as possible work with SUSE/Linux during their study. How can we achieve this? I have some ideas and experience in this matter, but I would like to learn from you how to bring this to the next level. Visit this talk, learn from each other and influence the future!

2016 June 24 13:30
1 h
Seminarraum 1
openSUSE Conference 2016
Community & Project
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