Presented by:

Dan Čermák

from SUSE

Dan joined SUSE to work on development tools as part of the developer engagement program, after working on embedded devices. He is an active open source contributor being involved in various upstream projects and a package maintainer in downstream Linux distributions, like openSUSE and Fedora. Beside testing and cryptography his passions include automating everything, documentation and software design.

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Keeping the size of of your container images small is more important than ever, especially when distributing container images for others to build upon them. However, once multiple layers get involved, even the data collection aspect becomes challenging and most existing tools do not primarily focus on visualization.

We will present the Container Layer Analyzer, a tool that we created for this purpose: it is a simple web app that produces sunburst graphs for each layer of a container image and can thereby aid you in finding out where the size bloat comes from and some additional handy features that were added recently.

Go and grab it from and give it a spin yourself!

2022 June 3 - 12:00
10 min
Cloud and Containers